Je pense, donc je suis

So I was thinking…
Sometimes knowledge is overrated.
Do we really need to know every single little thing?
What if certainty was overrated too?
Do we really need to be certain and sure about every single little thing that comes our way?
Do we?

I was thinking, that maybe doubting wasn’t a weakness after all.
What if doubting has been having terrible publicity for way too much time?
Maybe doubting was not a weakness after all…
Well… I don’t know, maybe.

Donc je pense,
si tu n’es pas sure,
si je ne suis pas sure non plus,
si tu as des doutes,
si j’ai des doutes aussi,
est-ce qu’on peux avoir des doutes ensemble ?

I don’t know.
Je ne sais pas.


[ The funny* thing is, this makes much more sense right now than it did when I first started typing (fyi: it wasn’t today) It kinda gives me the creeps ]

* or choose among these other options: weird, bizarre, strange, creepy