The Great Gig in the Sky*

Why are there stars in the sky?, she asked.
Or why do they shine?, he added.

Sometimes they seem like fireflies attached to a black ceiling, she replied.
Or like light bulbs “in a galaxy far far away”, he added.
[She smiled, like every time he quoted his favourite movie of all times]

They went on and on, asking themselves questions about the stars, time, space, and the universe itself. They went on and on questioning their existence, wondering for reasons and doubting all of what they knew.

They went on and on,
on and on,
until they saw a shooting star.

Those magical seconds during which they saw that shooting light across the sky made them lose track of their conversation. Most importantly, they made them realize about the inexplicability of the most beautiful and important things. The inexplicability of their own existence and their own inner-selves. The inexplicability of time, space and light. The inexplicability of happiness.

From that moment on, they stopped asking, questioning and over-thinking the reasons of the sky shining above them. Instead, they looked up and caught another shooting star.


* el título del post concuerda con el título de la gran canción de Pink Floyd, tema muy propicio para ser escuchado bajo un cielo estrellado.