A beautiful rainbow of chaos

I’ve recently heard about how its unfinished nature gave Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia a special something.
I believe it does. I think, in a way, the fact of it being unfinished makes it more real, more human-like and more down to earth.

This fact made me think how, unlike architecture, art doesn’t have it so easily when it comes to knowing whether a work of art is undone or not. If a building is missing its roof, it probably needs some work done to be completed. But a song can sound complete until the moment its author changes his/her mind and adds a new refreshing chord. The same thing can happend with paintings. The same with writings. The same with life itself. The same with us.

So then I ask myself if there’s really such a thing as completed and finished artwork.
Well, I don’t think so.

There will always be a new color, a new word, a new chord or chorus that could be added. There will always be a new person, a new twist in our story that could change entirely the paths of the work of art that is our life.

There, in its eternal unfinished nature, is where the beauty of art lives.
There, in its eternal unfinished nature, is where the beauty of life lies.

Is up to us to venture and look for new traces, new compositions and phrases. And I simply cannot wait to mix unknown colors and textures with unspoken words and unheard melodies. Mix them in a beautiful rainbow of chaos and paint my whole unfinished and uncompleted life with them.